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Common Misconceptions

Ever heard advice that was just so bad or so unhealthy that it made you cringe? This interesting Huffington Post article has some of the worst, most downright inefficient advice that some fitness experts have heard. While there is nothing wrong with seeking out fitness advice, we have to make sure that the advice we get is sound.

Here is some of the worst fitness advice that can make fitness experts and trainers cringe upon hearing them:

Lifting Heavy Weights Will Bulk You Up:weights-barbell-illustration-10446108

This is a common misconception and advice given to a lot of women who fear that by lifting weights they will bulk up as oppose to staying healthy yet lean. According to Minna Herskowitz, this is not true and not something women need to fear. Herskowitz, an NFPT certified trainer, says that men and women are built differently and therefore lifting heavy weights should not produce the same results. Women have less testosterone than men and unless they take supplements and increase their caloric intake above normal levels, lifting will not cause them to bulk up. On the contrary, adding different levels of resistance to a workout routine has a lot of benefits and women should be open to that idea.

Doing Cardio is Enough for Weight Loss:

Although many experts agree that a great cardio routine is an important factor in weight loss, resistance training should also be incorporated into an effective weight loss plan. Lifting weights allows the body to burn more calories while at rest and builds lean muscle mass. Since muscle is a metabolically active tissue, it needs energy to maintain itself. That energy, of course, is calories!

No Pain, No Gain?

You should not be in pain after your workout. Although “No pain, no gain” is commonly heard across fitness circles and in gyms across America, if your body is in pain it is trying to tell you something is wrong. After a workout you should feel some temporary discomfort, and that is normal, but pain is the body’s way of telling us something is not quite right and perhaps it may even have to do with your workout routine – listen to your body.

Don’t Drink Water During Your Workout:

As far as bad advice goes, hearing that there is a “fire” that starts in your belly while working out and that you should not drink water, else you extinguish it, is terrible advice. The trainer who reported hearing this found it even more ridiculous because the women he heard it from seemed to have thought that there was indeed a real fire within you. That fire, she believed, helped stoke your metabolism. It should go without saying, hydrate yourself. Drink water while working out, please

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Fight Through The Bore of Monotony

Find your fitness routine is becoming monotonous and boring? It is important to keep your activities fresh and fun for not only your mental state of mind, but for your physical performance. If you find yourself dreading the boring nature of the gym, try these tips to jumpstart your motivation and get you back on track.Lloyd Douaihy

Outdoor activities-
Get outside and do some things that can benefit your health and your yard. Shoveling snow, chopping wood and mowing the lawn are just a few examples of what you can do to get a workout in outside the boundaries of your home or gym. Be sure not to overstrain yourself though or injuries can happen.

Turn on the tunes-
Music is the great motivator and what type of music you listen to can have an affect as well. Listen to up tempo tunes to get yourself motivated or to set a faster running pace. You will be running to the beat of the song without even knowing it.

Keep your body guessing with different workout routines. Your mind is bored of the same old 3×10 sets and so are your muscles! They become familiar with the routine and to get stronger you should throw in different variations and super-sets.

Bring your dog-
Having a dog companion when going for a run or a bike ride can help both man and dog. It motivates a person having a dog by their side form the companionship and from their innate athletic ability. They will push you to the edge of what you are capable of physically. It is also great for them to run around, and they will be sure to sleep like a rock all night.

Buddy up-
Dogs cannot go everywhere, in these cases find a friend with the same fitness goals as you and hold each other to your commitments. It is important to motivate each other and not let your friend down when it comes to workouts. It keeps you both honest and hey, you can learn from each other.

Keep these tips in mind if you are getting fed up with the same old routine or feel like you are falling into a funk. There is never a better time than the present to change your ways and work towards something you want!

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Fitness Tips From An Olympian

Victoria Pendleton is a retired Olympic cycling champion from England who knows a thing or two about being in shape. She has been able to capture nine world titles during the time span of 2005-2012. Those looking for an overall upgrade to their fitness level, tune Lloyd Douaihy victoria pendletoninto the list below. While her goals for fitness may differ from yours, here are her five tips for overall fitness from a Gold Medal Olympian.

To be fit, you need motivation.
Whatever it that drives you, find a way to harness it and get yourself to the gym. No matter what your fitness goals are, it takes a motivated person to achieve what they set out to do. Do you want to be able to fit into that pair of pants, or squat 400 pounds? Keep yours goals somewhere you cannot hide from them to help you when you’re not feeling up to the task.

Body Confidence
When results start showing on in the form of a more athletic physique, this creates a urge for more results, which places you back in the gym. This process becomes easier as results start translating from that hard work you’re doing. Have confidence in your training program to get you to that point and enjoy the benefits.

Top Exercises
For this cyclist, she loves to power clean when she is not seated in the saddle of her bike. It involves half of the body’s muscle mass and is an explosion movement. it can be used for strength, endurance, or cardio depending on the weight you use.

Cardio vs. Strength Training
Pendleton’s preference is strength training. She uses a variety of strength training called interval training which can benefit your body on a cardio level, as well as an endurance level. It increases metabolism and in turn burns fat.

Setting Goals
We have talked previously about setting goals because they are extremely important in fitness. If you just want to look better, that is an entirely qualitative measurement. It is too open ended to be able to measure whether or not that goal has been achieved. Make that goal quantifiable by way of goal weight, goal time for running or biking. Make it something measurable to be able to attain it.

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Holiday Gift Guide

Are you shopping for a fitness buff this Holiday season? Each person can have their own tastes in clothing, or fitness equipment catered to their fitness goals. So when going to the store, what should you purchase for the focal point of your generosity this season? There are many things that are widely longed for by the fitness faithful. From technology, to old school equipment, here is your holiday guide for those who love to break a sweat.

Jawbone Up Move Activity Tracker- If you want to be able to come home at night and say, Jawbone-Up-Move-Gear-Patrol“Wow! I walked 4 miles today” this is the little piece of technology for you. It is great for tracking runs and hill elevation.




Skratch Labs Hydration Mix- We have all been there, maybe we pushed it a little too hard Skratch-Labz-Gear-Patroland sweat out all of our body fluid at the gym. This is the perfect way to rejuvenate your body and avoid those terrible cramps.




Trigger Point Foam Roller- Lets face it, being fit hurts. This is how you ease the pain and Foam-Roller-Gear-Patrolpreserve those muscles. It rolls out the lactic acid from your recovering muscles with a bit of pain that leaves you feeling better than you did before, and thats what matters most.



Monoprice HD Action Cam- Want to capture all the crazy monoprice-gear-patrolfitness you’re doing? Want the camera angle to be first hand? This is a less expensive alternative to the GoPro and it yields incredible video quality.




Aether Apparel Base Layer Crew- Synthetic material and thumbholes keep your arms and aether-gear-patrolhands warm when you venture outside in the colder weather for a run of a game of basketball. Maybe you’re hitting the slopes and need a warm shirt to compliment all your layering, this is what you need.

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Fitness Help For The Holidays

Worried about the holidays resulting in some excess pounds you were not ready for? Dolloyd not let over bulking happen to you! There are plenty of ways you can minimize caloric intake and burn some extra ones through simple holiday rules. Of course, you will be able to enjoy all the tastes and treats but with a smarter, more healthy mindset. Total abstinence is not always the best way to avoid holiday treats. By totally refusing yourself from tasting the sweet delights at a holiday party, you are setting yourself up for a binge eating session later on. It is better to try small tastes of things in moderation to avoid the over consumption that often follows complete refusal. The holidays are times when family and friends gather together and indulge in the finer things, a few alcoholic drinks can turn into a few more and by the time all is said and done you have ingested a thousand calories worth of alcohol. Keep a two drink maximum to avoid this slippery slope. Local coffee shops have a way of sucking consumers into buying their seasonal spice, sugar and whipped cream drinks. This is largely due to them being delicious, but also extremely high in calories and fat. Avoid them and you can save yourself the guilt come spring and summe. Remember to stay true to your workout plans, even through the holiday hustle. Organize your plans around your gym time to ensure that you get your daily sweat in. You will thank yourself for your determination at a later date. When shopping for gifts, take the stairs in the mall. The smallest of things can help burn some excess calories you might intake. Parking farther away from the store and carrying all your bags are another great way to expel some more energy. Take your vitamins! Holiday season is also a time where sickness is passed around unknowingly. Take your multivitamin to ensure your immune system is running at full throttle. Vitamin B is also known to help metabolism and the breakdown of the big holiday meals you will ingest.

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Deadlifting the Right Way

According to a recent article in Men’s Health: Leg day is the least favorite day of the week Lloyd Douaihyfor many, but for those of which truly enjoy every aspect of fitness, leg day is another opportunity to do what they love. One of the core power lifts that have been around for many years is the deadlift. Deadlifting is often thought of as solely a leg lift but it is actually a full body exercise. Not only is this an exercise for the legs and lower back but for the upper back, grip and shoulders. The key to performing this lift correctly though lies in keeping your upper back engaged throughout the range of motion.

Proper form requires that the upper back be engages, pulling the bar closer to your legs and it passes from standing to the resting on the ground. This relieves stress off of the frequently injured lower back. If you were to have the bar too far away from your legs throughout the motion, it would cause the lower back to round, causing enormous pressure on the vertebrae in the lumbar region.

A great way to condition oneself into correct form is to wrap a tension band around a solid object in the room and the other end on the barbell to be lifted. Picking the barbell up and walking backward to provide light tension in the band will for the lifter to engage their upper back in order to keep the barbell in the correct alignment.

Deadlifts are a great exercise but if performed incorrectly they could spell trouble by way of injury to the back or legs. Remember to always take the time to train using the correct technique before lifting heavy, for any lift not just the deadlift.


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Fitness, and Keeping Your Brain Healthy as You Age

A great way to stay active that isn't tough on the joints!
A great way to stay active that isn’t tough on the joints!

Like nearly everything in the world, the white-matter fibers in the brain that allow different parts of it to communicate deteriorate with age.  Recently, scientists found a correlation between the daily activity of people age 60-78 and the rate of deterioration of white-matter pathways.  Daily activity does not simply mean the amount of time that one is engaged in vigorous exercise, but all of the activity that a person engages in throughout the day.  Somebody can be active for the hour each day that he works out while maintaining a sedentary lifestyle.

The participants in the study wore accelerometers throughout most of their waking hours during the week so that their daily levels of activity could be monitored and also submitted to brain imaging.  This was one of the first studies to actually measure physical activity rather than ask for a summary, and pairs the findings with multiple tests of the brain’s structure.  Usually, when asked to summarize how much activity one gets a day he is imprecise with his answers and has to approximate himself, while this study was able to achieve an exact measurement.

The study found that those people who engaged in an active lifestyle had more structural integrity in their temporal lobes, meaning that their capacity for memory, language, and the processing of auditory and visual information.  By contrast, those participants that were more sedentary had greater structural integrity in the hippocampus, which is imperative for learning and memory.  They also found that exercising for a short period of time, while maintaining a sedentary lifestyle does little to stave off white matter degeneration.

These findings, according to Science Daily, are meant to help people take care of their brains as they age.

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