Football Nutrition

Throughout the course of the average football game a player can expect to run around 5-7 miles. Besides having great physical training and athletic ability it takes something far more simple to keeping them running at their peak level of ability. Coupling endurance with explosion football athletes need proper nutrition fueling to stay fresh for the 90+ minutes of competition.100616-N-1841C-045

How do you prep for your upcoming match? Here are some basics to get your body ready for 90 minutes plus extra time, maybe even a little extra.

The overview: Eat breakfast. It wakes the body up and sets you day in motion, do so in the first hour of rising. 3-4 hour prior to the clock starting eat a carb heavy meal with protein mixed in to keep as reserves. After warm ups have a snack to ensure you are ready to go.

Here is what your game day meals should look like:

Orange Juice
Cup of Yogurt

Mid day meal (3-4 hours before game time)-
Baked Potato with Butter
Fish or Chicken with Oil
Carrots/Broccoli/Small Salad
Cup of Milk

Snacks for pregame
Dry Cereal
Granola Bars

After the game it is imperative to refuel your body in order to recover properly. Be sure to get some type of carbohydrate into your body within an hour after the game ends. This is the time frame when your body is ready to absorb nutrients. For the core of the meal, load up on the protein, it is important for muscles to recover properly. Look to consume around 20 grams of protein after games. To quantify what you are aiming to intake for a football game, consume 1.5 grams of carbs per kilogram of body weight on top of the protein intake. Two hours later consume the same amount of carbs again.

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