Pros and Cons of Almond Milk

We have all heard of almond milk, the imitation of that cow byproduct without the intestinal distress that often comes along with the real thing. It has caught steam as of late as more and more people are consuming almond milk but what do we really know about it? Does it, in fact, benefit the human body compared to drinking real milk? We are ready to find out what the experts have to say on the topic as we dive into a piece from Milk Lloyd Douaihy

Should we be drinking this?

The expert vote is in and it is a resounding yes! Four out of five experts say this should be in your refrigerator at home. Outside of its benefits for vegans and those with lactose intolerance, it holds half of the calories of regular milk. This is optimal for those looking to lose weight when filling in their smoothies, cereal, and oatmeal but it has its down-sides when compared to the real deal.

Soy and almond milk cannot stack up to the amount of protein that comes with an equivalent amount of milk from a cow. One glass of regular milk contains 8 grams of protein for muscle building. A glass of almond milk contains just 1 gram. if you are wondering why the milk from a protein filled nut has low protein content, that is because this product is mostly water. The protein content is lost during the transition. To cap it off, almond milk is lower in calcium as well, unless fortified.

To conclude this investigation, read the labels on whatever you are consuming, never assume that a product has the best of both worlds! Almond milk can have less calories, but also less of the great nutrients found in regular milk. Its a calorie for nutrient tradeoff.

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