How to Eat Well and Keep Weight Off

Are you trying to lose weight, still hold a nutritious diet and enjoy the food you eat? Many diet plans offer ridiculous claims in order to do all of these things when you can do so on your own with a little self discipline and for a lot less money. Here are the 10 best ways to enjoy your food and eat less.right-size-portion-plate

Know what you’re consuming. Look up nutritional value using Google for the foods you plan to eat for your larger meals to plan accordingly the intake of each food group.

Eat slowly. It takes time for your stomach to tell your brain that you no longer need to intake food. About 15 minutes is the usual time frame for the signal to reach your noggin.

Portion control through dish size. Plates will fill up according to their size so you will most likely consume more if you have a bigger plate. Bigger plates= More food on them= more food in your stomach.

Eat the healthy options when eating out. Everyone knows what the healthy menu option is, it takes a bit of willpower to turn down the chili cheese fries, but we all can do it.

Looking for sweets? Choose fruits, they’re packed with natures sugar and have great nutritional value to boot!

Choose what fills your stomach. You should eat more fruits vegetables, whole grains, 1% milk and natural foods, and less fatty, salty foods.
Depending on what your activity level, and weight goals, you should identify the types of foods you eat and when to eat them.

Drinks matter too. Water, 100% juice, and tea all make up natural, healthy drinks. Stay away from sports drinks and other sugary alternatives when not exercising intensely.

Compare foods you consume based on what nutrients you need more compared to others.

Keep the integrity of the word “treat”. A treat is something you have on occasion, not everyday. It also makes the treat taste that much better!

To read more from where Lloyd Douaihy cited from see this infographic.


Lloyd Douaihy’d latest fitness blog post


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