8 Best Foods For Muscles

We all would love to have the superhuman ability to eat whatever we want, still be healthy as a horse and as shredded as Arnold. Unfortunately, this is not the case and we all need to eat the right way to see our physical form come anywhere close to resembling the Vitruvian Man. Here are eight foods that help you pack on muscle for bulking season and remain healthy.Eggs and Coffee

Eggs: Packed with protein eggs can give you, pound for pound (k for k) you need less protein from the egg and its yolk than from other sources of protein. Eggs are also loaded with essential vitamins to keep you healthy and active.

Almonds: These little nuts are loaded with alpha-tocopherol vitamin-e, which in layman’s terms means its the easiest form for the human body to absorb vitamin-e. Vitamin-e offers the body an antioxidant that helps the body recover faster from lifting sessions. Take your chalky hands, grab a couple of handfuls daily and you should have enough of a serving to do the trick.

Salmon: We all were aware that fish was good for you, but how good exactly? Omega-3’s, protein, and fatty acids make up the fish, helping with muscle recovery. A quick way of ingesting, without having to grill up a filet, is to buy salmon jerky for easy access.

Yogurt: The probiotic has carbohydrates and protein as well as the added benefit of keeping you regular in your visits to the “throne”. Yogurt also has conjugated linoleic acid, which some studies suggest reduces body fat.

Beef: Containing Iron, Zinc, and being delicious, beef has the two nutrients that are very essential to building muscle. When searching for more bang in less calories, buy round cuts, or loins. They’re extra lean and super tender.

Olive Oil: This simple oil helps prevent muscle breakdown by lowering muscle weakening levels of cells in your body. Extra virgin would be the variety of choice due to its higher levels of vitamin-e.

Water: Often overlooked, water accounts for 80% if what makes us, us. Staying hydrated is not only beneficial to avoid cramping, it can hinder your ability to use protein for your benefit.

Coffee: In moderation of course, coffee can help extend your lifts with the boost of energy it provides. It has been proven for those performing anaerobic activities that it can prolong the exertion session for each exercise by up to 9% longer if drank a few hours prior to exercise. Added bonus: studies have found that regular coffee drinkers are at a 30% less risk of developing Parkinson’s disease .


To see where Lloyd Douaihy cited from, click here.

Lloyd Douaihy’d latest fitness blog post


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